Dining in the Pittsburgh area

Ever since we reported the news that Pittsburgh is the next big food town of 2014, we’ve decided to make foodie news a priority for this blog. After all, if you’re new to an area, it’s good to know where you can go for something tasty.

This past weekend, our resident foodie, Chi Quach (assistant property manager of Alvern Gardens Apartments) checked out The Pub Chip Shop in the historic South Side. His brunch-time tour of the menu included a couple orders of Boxty Tots loaded with eggs, cheese sauce, and various meats; the Welsh cheddar mac & cheese; the pierogi pasty; and the specialty sausage roll.

Not many restaurants, especially ones that serve up quick—mostly fried—meals, make their own tater-tots. The Pub Chip Shop does. And who would have thought that chili and scrambled eggs on top of homemade tater-tots could taste so good? The true star of Chi’s sampling, however, was the Welsh cheddar mac & cheese. Sure, mac & cheese is one of those staple comfort foods that’s hard to do wrong, but that’s just what makes this Welsh cheddar version such a stand-out. The sauce is white rather than radio-active orange, and it tastes like real cheese, not powdered cheese product.

Yinzers (Pittsburgh locals) clearly already love the place, because as soon as Chi and friends sat down to eat, people started lining up at the antique cash register next to the pie case.

“The atmosphere of this place is different, which I like […] I like old-fashioned stuff,” said Chi. “I would highly recommend it.”

Seating is limited yet charmingly old school: metal bar stools line a window counter and a long wooden table loaded up with Sriracha, various other hot sauces, Grey Poupon mustard, and other condiments. For those who don’t want to sit at a big table next to strangers, the food is served up to-go ready.

Become a resident of one of Prudential Realty Company’s South Hills communities and live close to The Pub Chip Shop and other cool places in the South Side.

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