How to decorate a 2 bedroom apartment on a budget: master bedroom

You might think there isn’t a whole lot you can do by way of decorating a master bedroom, but there’s more to it than throwing a mattress on the floor.

The 2 bedrooms at Alvern Gardens Apartments, with their 728 square feet of space, leave plenty of room for a queen size bed, 2 night stands, and a sizable dresser or two. Our old furnishings for this room were classic cherry, with a rather ornate headboard and 2 dressers, one long and low with a mirror hung above it and another tall and slender. Out of all the rooms in the apartment, this one’s decor held up the best over time (the tray of beauty products in front of the mirror was the most dated part).

For our remodel, we decided against cramming in too much furniture and went with just one dresser. The dark wood of the set we chose echoes the living and dining rooms, and the silver details add visual interest. The lines are much cleaner, making this set more modern than the old one. But like the old one, it will look classy for years to come. Our dresser came with a mirror mounted on it, making it sort of a two-in-one dresser-vanity, a nice way to consolidate space while still filling the room, which brings me to headboard and bed-frame options.

master bedroom decor
The grey bedding and black and white picture are a chic contrast to our antique lamp.

Our simple, straightforward headboard is nevertheless nice and big. You might hesitate to move large furniture into an apartment, if only out of dread for the move-out, but big furniture has its advantages. Roomy apartments like the ones you’ll find at Alvern Gardens demand to be filled, and that can be achieved (unless of course you enjoy a nice echo) with lots of little things or a few large pieces. Alternatively, if you want your big furniture to serve a purpose, you could get a bed with storage cubbies and drawers built in, like one of the storage-savvy options at IKEA (luckily for Alvern Gardens residents, the Robinson store is close by).

We still had lots of wall space left over in the room, so we matched the wall decor to our bedding, tying everything together with a large piece of art. Don’t be afraid to hang things on the walls in your rental—just ask your landlord what materials are OK to use, and read your lease carefully. Command™ products are probably fine, and they can hold up most anything.

Contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at 412-561-4663 or to find out if they have a 2 bedroom available for you to decorate (and move into).

How to decorate a 2 bedroom apartment on a budget: dining room

Last week we discussed decorating the living room of the 728 sq ft 2 bedroom at Alvern Gardens. This week, it’s time for the dining room.

Having separate living and dining areas is something of a luxury in apartment living. Having a dining area big enough for a table that seats 6? Well, that’s practically unheard of. In our model, we have the more standard 4 person dining table. We used to have a round table with lighter wood that had more of a rustic feel. The black-brown wood of this new table is not only chic and modern, it matches the living room furniture, creating a visual flow from one space to the other.

remodeled dining room
Residents who like throwing dinner parties might invest in an expandable table. There’s certainly space for one!

The neutral color scheme of the chair upholstery and place settings is a smooth complement to the pops of red in the living room. To carry the color scheme throughout the two rooms, we re-purposed one of our old pictures. The new plain black frame was cheap at Walmart and has a more classic look compared to the old black and gold one.

We used the old trick of expanding a space by hanging a mirror that we already had on hand. Remixing the rest of the decor has transformed the old mirror into an antique statement piece.

There’s still plenty of space in this dining room for a buffet, a shelving unit, a cat tree, or even a respectably sized aquarium.

If you’d like to dine in style, contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at 412-561-4663 or for the current availability.

How to decorate a 2 bedroom apartment on a budget

The remodeling of our model apartment here at Alvern Gardens has inspired us to share some decorating tips for our 2 bedroom apartments. Over the next few weeks, we’ll go room by room through the 728 sq ft floor plan and discuss how to make these rentals your home. This week: the living room.

The living room in these floor plans is about 11×17 sq ft so you can easily fit a full size couch, coffee table, entertainment center, end tables, and even an arm chair or loveseat.

A slipcover and a couple throw pillows can completely change a room.

Our model’s sofa was once blue plaid (cute, but dated) so we bought a chocolate brown slipcover and some dark red throw pillows to create a rich depth of color for the otherwise creamy white space. Our slipcover was a snap to put on and only set us back $40, so don’t hesitate to accept that secondhand furniture from Aunt Muriel. Notice that we arranged the furniture away from the radiator, giving it plenty of space to do its job.

We headed to IKEA’s Robinson location for the rest of the furniture. For the end tables, coffee table, and entertainment center, we chose the chic yet affordable LACK collection in black-brown.

modern decorating
One signature piece adds character to a room. Table and floor lamps add style as well as light.

To match, we got the most modern chair available to give the space some flair. The black-brown wood and dark red cushion match everything perfectly and the combination cost just $100.

Wal-Mart has some of the cheapest lighting (2 table lamps and 1 floor lamp for $15!) and picture frames, so we zipped over to the Bethel Park store for lamps, pictures, and a couple new frames for pictures we already had. A frame update is like a facelift for dated wall decor. To hang everything while staying with in the parameters of most leases, we used Command Brand Velcro strips.

living room
To create a nice flow through the living and dining rooms, we matched the black-brown wood throughout.

Something to note about this floor plan: because the dining and living spaces are open to each other, a certain degree of matching in necessary for a nice flow. We decided to match the black-brown wood throughout both rooms but to save the pops of red for the living room and stick with a more neutral pallet in the dining room.

Contact Alvern Gardens at 412-561-4663 or to find out if this spacious floor plan is available.

Apartments with covered parking in Pittsburgh

Finding parking in the city can be a hassle (just ask yinzers why they sometimes reserve their spot with a chair), but at a few of Prudential Realty Company’s properties covered parking means you always have a spot for your vehicle.

Alvern Gardens Apartments

Alvern Gardens Apartments has the cheapest garages for rent at just $50/month. While uncovered parking on the property is free, there’s nothing like the security of locking up your baby to keep it safely out of the elements.

To find out the current availability at Alvern Gardens and to ask about apartment amenities, call 412-561-4663 or email and be sure to ask about the current special.

Sleepy Hollow Townhouses

covered parking
Some of the Sleepy Hollow Townhouses have a little deck over the garage entrance, so a second car in the driveway can be partially covered as well.

The attached garages are included in the $715/month rent on these 3 bedroom townhouses. Some of these townhouses even have partially covered parking in front of the garage thanks to the front deck. The best part: the garages are accessible through the basement, so you don’t even have to go outside to get to your car.

Call 412-401-9848 or email to get more information about townhouse amenities and the current availability.

Place Seville Apartments

For $60/month tenants can rent a spot in Place Seville’s garage.

Details about amenities and availability may be acquired by calling 412-563-7256 or emailing

Cornell Place Apartments

Parking spaces in Cornell Place’s garage are $75/month. This is a competitive price considering Mt. Lebanon’s permit parking can get expensive.

For more information on Cornell Place’s amenities and availability, call 412-401-9848 or email

Brett Apartments

Those looking for apartments with covered parking in Shadyside might want to check out Brett Apartments. An additional $100/month gets residents of the building a garage space.

Contact the building manager at 412-722-8546 or for information on availability and apartment amenities.

If you’re sick of digging your car out of the snow, contact Prudential Realty Company to inquire about properties with covered parking.