How to decorate a 2 bedroom apartment on a budget: dining room

Last week we discussed decorating the living room of the 728 sq ft 2 bedroom at Alvern Gardens. This week, it’s time for the dining room.

Having separate living and dining areas is something of a luxury in apartment living. Having a dining area big enough for a table that seats 6? Well, that’s practically unheard of. In our model, we have the more standard 4 person dining table. We used to have a round table with lighter wood that had more of a rustic feel. The black-brown wood of this new table is not only chic and modern, it matches the living room furniture, creating a visual flow from one space to the other.

remodeled dining room
Residents who like throwing dinner parties might invest in an expandable table. There’s certainly space for one!

The neutral color scheme of the chair upholstery and place settings is a smooth complement to the pops of red in the living room. To carry the color scheme throughout the two rooms, we re-purposed one of our old pictures. The new plain black frame was cheap at Walmart and has a more classic look compared to the old black and gold one.

We used the old trick of expanding a space by hanging a mirror that we already had on hand. Remixing the rest of the decor has transformed the old mirror into an antique statement piece.

There’s still plenty of space in this dining room for a buffet, a shelving unit, a cat tree, or even a respectably sized aquarium.

If you’d like to dine in style, contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at 412-561-4663 or for the current availability.

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