How To Keep The Pests Away From Your Garden

Later this week, we’ll be sharing some details on how residents of Alvern Gardens Apartments may plant their own gardens. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to keep our bunnies and that little herd of deer at bay.

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Any gardener worth his or her salt can tell you which critters do the most damage.

“Deer, rabbits and groundhogs,” said Post-Gazette garden expert Doug Oster. “Those are the bane of our existence.”

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Oster says unless your plants are in a greenhouse, it’s impossible to keep the pests away. But three things will help, starting with fencing or screens.

“Maybe not the whole yard,” he said, “but the plant itself. There are certain plants that rabbits, groundhogs and deer love and if we can at least cover them and physically stop that pest from getting there, that’s the first trick.”

Yet, in a big open space, fencing is just about impossible – the area is just too big. Oster says not to worry. A new product on the market seems to really do the trick.

“A new one called green screen that…

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