Travel Back In Time With Dinosaurs At Consol Energy Center

This weekend is your last chance to take your little dino lover to see Walking with Dinosaurs at Consol Energy Center.

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There’s a fascination with what life was like when dinosaurs, not humans, ruled the land.

And for a short time, you can get a better idea of what that was like, when the arena is transported 10 million years back in time.

[worldnow id=10406532 width=345 height=255 type=video]

KDKA’s Kristine Sorensen got to meet the dinosaur affectionately known as “Baby T.”

And even though he’s the smallest, he’s a little scary at 8 feet tall and 14 feet long.

In “Walking with Dinosaurs’” live show, 20 dinosaurs interact with each other on the arena floor in a theatrical production that cost $20 million to create.

“We take you through the three periods dinosaurs ruled the Earth in their massiveness, the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period,” said Walking with Dinosaurs spokesperson Terey Summers, “And it’s hosted by a character that is a paleontologist, Huxley.”

The noise these creatures make…

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Four Cheetah Cubs Move Into The Pittsburgh Zoo

Here’s something fun for the kids: take them to see the cheetah cubs at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Four young cheetahs pause in a holding area, on the cusp of a brand new life.

“We’re going to get ready to let the cheetahs out,” announces Dr. Barbara Baker, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium.

[worldnow id=10406934 width=345 height=255 type=video]

A gate is lifted, and the large cats gingerly step across an encaged bridge to their new home. It’s a wide open grassland, with room to roam.

“I can’t tell them apart,” Baker says. “I’m getting better at it, but I can’t tell them apart right now.”

One way to tell the difference is by examining the thin black lines that border the face. They are like fingerprints. No two are alike.

Baker says these cheetahs are not shy about cozying up to visitors.

“These guys actually come right up to the mesh fence,” she said. “They lay down, they plop down…

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Kennywood’s Thunderbolt Named A ‘Coaster Landmark’

Looking for something to do this weekend? How about going to Kennywood to ride the Thunderbolt, a “Coaster Landmark”?

CBS Pittsburgh

WEST MIFFLIN (AP) – The group American Coaster Enthusiasts has named the Thunderbolt a “Coaster Landmark” – the third roller coaster to be so recognized at Kennywood.

Kennywood is now the only park in the United States with three coaster landmarks.

The group founded in 1978 has honored 30 coaster landmarks nationwide since 2002.

Kennywood’s Jack Rabbit and Racer roller coasters were previously honored as landmarks by the group. All three are traditional roller coasters with wooden frames and tracks.

The Thunderbolt grew out of a former roller coaster known as the Pippin. The Pippin was built in 1924 and was expanded and rebuilt to become the Thunderbolt in 1968.

The Jack Rabbit was built in 1920 and the Racer in 1927.


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How to keep your cat from costing you your security deposit

A pet is a wonderful thing…. except for when they’re hyper and out of control. If you live in an apartment with a misbehaving cat (or two), you stand a risk of not getting your full security deposit back. To help you out, here are some tips for keeping your cat happy, healthy, and well behaved.

Maintaining the Litter Box: The Cornerstone of Saving your Carpet

No, you don’t have to take a cat outside to go potty, but you do have to maintain the litter box(es), and if you get a kitten, you have to teach it how to use the box. A dirty litter box could lead your cat to pick the carpet as its potty instead, so scoop daily and change litter weekly. A mixture of boiling water and vinegar is a cheap method for cleaning the box, just make sure you scrub all the nooks and crannies and let the mixture sit long enough to do its job. If your box is clean but your cat refuses to use it, it could mean the cat is sick and needs a visit to the vet. Nipping health issues in the bud is cheaper than paying to replace the carpet in your apartment. Sometimes, healthy cats are picky, or have behavioral problems. It’s still cheaper to try every kind of litter on the market, maintain multiple boxes, and replace kitten-sized boxes as your cat grows than to gamble on your security deposit. Finally, if you have multiple cats, you need multiple boxes: at least 1 box per cat.

goofy cat
Your cat might be a high energy goofball, but if you do your part as pet owner, you can make sure she doesn’t cost you your security deposit.

Keep Houseplants Safe from Felines

Vinegar is a powerful and versatile cleaning agent (you can even use it on carpets and upholstery), but its other super power is that cats hate the smell of it. Spraying vinegar on houseplants will keep cats from eating them. Also, don’t keep houseplants that are potentially toxic to felines. After all, eating something they shouldn’t can make cats vomit, and you don’t want that mess on your carpet. You can also distract your kitty from the plants it shouldn’t eat by giving it access to cat grass on another shelf. Find a way to secure potted plants and other objects so your cat doesn’t accidentally (or intentionally) knock them over. The fewer breakables and other knickknacks, the better (and the easier it is to dust).

How to Handle Scratching

First things first, never declaw a cat. Here’s why: declawing is equivalent to removing a human’s fingertip down to the first knuckle of each finger, cats naturally walk on tip-toes so when you remove the tips of their toes they walk differently and develop arthritis much more easily, and they can be in such excruciating pain that they stop using their litter boxes because it hurts too much to dig. Treating all the health issues related to declawing will empty your wallet much faster than humane methods of deterring scratching.

Obviously you need to provide your cat with a scratching post. A kitten needs to be taught to use it, and once they know how, you’ll find they routinely use it. Keeping a variety of posts—traditional vertical posts wrapped in twine, horizontal pads with refillable cardboard, soft wood, and variously angled posts and pads with all kinds of materials—will keep things as interesting as scratching trees and bushes in the great outdoors.

Sometimes even regular use of a scratching post can’t keep your cat’s claws short, and scratching can cause a lot of damage to your apartment and belongings. Claw trimmers come in a variety of styles and price ranges, and getting your cat used to this process early will make it an ordinary part of your routine. If you’re not comfortable trimming claws at home, ask your vet to do it or take your cat to a groomer.

If your cat insists on scratching your upholstery, you can give it the same vinegar spray treatment as your plants. You might also consider a pheromone plug-in as a last resort (they’re a bit expensive).

Groom, Groom, and Groom Some More

It’s certainly true that cats keep themselves quite clean with regular personal grooming sessions, but shedding + personal grooming = hairballs. The best way to prevent the hacking up of hairballs—and an excellent way to spend quality time with your pet—is to brush kitty regularly, daily if possible.

Get Kitty Some Exercise

Cats need exercise for their bodies as well as their brains. Use an interactive toy for 15-20 minutes of play each day during the times you find your cat is most active. To keep your cat busy while you’re out or asleep, have some toys for individual play laying around. Puzzle toys are especially stimulating and easy to make at home:

Cut some paw-sized holes into an empty box or or oatmeal container, stick a crinkle ball inside, tape the lid shut, and let kitty go at it.

Or: Cut some kibble-sized holes into a water bottle, fill it with a handful of dry food or a few treats, screw the cap back on, and see how long it takes kitty to get the goodies out.

Giving your cat vertical space to explore in the form of cat trees will offer more benefits than just mental and physical exercise. Cats like having a good vantage point from which to watch over their territory, and having that high outlook post will give your king of the apartment jungle added confidence and contentment. Also be sure your cat has a comfortable view out as many windows as possible with either store-bought or home-made shelves, if necessary.

 Looking for a cat-friendly apartment in the South Hills of Pittsburgh? Contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at or 412-561-4663.

Day trips and weekend getaways around Pittsburgh

One of the coolest things about Pittsburgh is that it’s close to all sorts of destinations for day trips and weekend getaways. Here are four destinations to enjoy for a day—or longer.

  1. Ohiopyle State Park is located southwest of the city and features stunning landscapes, miles of hiking and biking trails, rock climbing areas, and some of the best whitewater rafting around. You can go for a day to have a picnic and check out the natural water slides, or you can camp out for a weekend in a cabin or a yurt.

    Spending a lazy day pool side is just one way to enjoy summer. Residents of Alvern Gardens Apartments can enjoy their summer poolside for a $10 season pass.
  2. Thrill seekers might want to make a day trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, but with so many rides and attractions, you might want to stay for a whole weekend. Especially worth the weekend stay: the new Dinos After Dark runs Friday and Saturday nights until August 16th.
  3. Many readers might be familiar with Seven Springs Mountain Resort as a great destination for skiing and snowboarding, but it’s got  plenty going on in the summer, too. The Rib and Wing Festival is coming up next weekend on July 25th, the Mud in the Dark obstacle course run is taking place on August 16th, and on August 23rd there’s a wine festival. If biking, horseback riding, golfing, shooting, ziplining, and other outdoor adventures aren’t your thing, you can always spend your day at the spa or poolside.
  4. Anyone looking for a more educational trip might consider visiting Washington, D.C. Our nation’s capital has plenty of museums and monuments to check out, and a weekend there is a great way to dust off the cobwebs before sending kids back to school.

Before you can plan a trip, you need a home base to come back to. If you’re looking for a new home, contact Prudential Realty Company for our availability at a number of locations throughout the Pittsburgh area.


You Need To Eat This: Pittsburgh French Fry Roundup

For all you foodies and fry connoisseurs out there.

CBS Pittsburgh

Happy National French Fry Day!

Sure most people’s focus might be on the World Cup final, but who doesn’t have time to celebrate the most delicious snack in the world?

To celebrate National French Fry Day, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite French fries in the ‘Burgh (in no particular order …):

OTB (South Side/North Park) – This South Side (and now North Park too) restaurant and bar has some of my favorite fried potatoes in Pittsburgh. They’re extra crispy and coated on the outside, with a nice chewy middle. Flavorful and hearty, they’re the perfect match for a tasty burger.

Olive or Twist (Downtown) – You fancy French fry people will love these. Their French fries have a light crisp, but they’re coated with truffle oil and a dusting of parmesan cheese. Each fry bursts with flavor and they give you a side of creamy aioli for…

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For Kids Sake Days at Idlewild

Here’s a fun option for kids this week.

CBS Pittsburgh

KDKA-TV and Pittsburgh CW’s For Kids Sake Days at Idlewild

Monday, July 14 through Friday, July 18

  • July 14 – See the KDKA-TV Mobile Weather Lab
  • July 15 – Kids can record their own radio newscast using the Newsradio 1020 KDKA KidKast vehicle
  • July 16 – TWINS’ DAY.  Vehicles with twins will be admitted to the park on a Buy One Get One Free admission.  Join us for Twin’s Day activities at 2:00 pm at the Hootin’ Holler Gazebo Stage, with a special guest from KDKA-TV.  (For Buy One Get One Free deal, the Admission purchased must be full-price gate admission.  Cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts).
  • July 18th  – meet the CW Green Team from sister station Pittsburgh’s CW.

Where: Idlewild Park

When: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Who: Everyone

How: Go to Idlewild

Cost: Varies

Help families in need by bringing a canned food item to receive…

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