How to control your dog’s barking

One of the most complicated issues with keeping a dog in an apartment is that barking is a nuisance to neighbors, so in honor of Alvern Gardens Apartments‘ switch to welcoming dogs, we’ve gathered some tips on controlling your dog’s barking.

  • What’s the stimulus? In order to stop your dog from barking, you have to understand why it’s barking in the first place. Once you know why your dog is barking, you can start with the appropriate training process. For example, if your dog is barking because it’s potty time, it’s time to go outside (think of your security deposit!). But if your dog is barking because there’s people walking by the window, it’s time to close the curtains.

    excessive barking in a multi-pet home
    Because barking can be an instigation to play, it can be a bigger issue in a multi-pet home, but it’s hardly unmanageable.
  • Be consistent by having all members of the family work on the same training together.
  • Don’t yell at your dog for barking as your pup will interpret this as you barking right along with him. If your dog is barking because he wants out of his crate, ignore him until he quiets down, then praise him once he’s been quiet for a while. Throwing a blanket over the crate can also help remove stimuli and get your dog to quiet down.
  • Take charge of barking by teaching your dog to speak and be quiet on command.
  • Manage intruder-alert barking by making your dog stay quietly in her place as guests enter your home. This will take lots of practice and treats, but it will pay off once you have a dog who ignores a knock on the door or a ring of the doorbell. A dog who has learned to be quiet on command will have an easier time with this trick.
  • Talk to your neighbors about their vocal pets in a friendly way. Because dogs often encourage each other to bark, it’s important to not only teach your dog to stay quiet while another dog barks, but to keep communication open with your fellow dog owners in the neighborhood. Just like a friendly face-to-face request can get your neighbors to turn down their stereo, it can get them to work harder on training their own dog. It’s not likely that your neighbors enjoy their dog’s excessive barking, so swapping training tips can forge a productive friendship.
  • Give your dog plenty of love, attention, and exercise. Bonding with your companion through daily walks and outdoor play sessions will foster trust that makes training much easier. A dog who feels safe and loved won’t find a need to bark for attention. Additionally, a tired dog is a quiet dog. Because your dog barks to instigate play as well as to cure boredom, one of the best treatments for excessive barking is to go outside and blow off steam together.

Looking for a dog friendly apartment in the Pittsburgh area? Contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at or 412-561-4663 to ask about our availability.


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