Local Golf Course Offers First ‘Footgolf’ Course In Western Pa.

Here’s an interesting new sport to try: footgolf.

CBS Pittsburgh

FREEPORT (KDKA) — There was a record Pittsburgh crowd at Heinz Field last weekend as America’s interest in soccer continues to grow.

Meanwhile, the popularity of golf continues to decline.

The answer just may be found in the burgeoning sport of “footgolf.”

Jim Bowser owns the nine-hole Cabin Greens golf course in Freeport. It soon will switch over, two days a week, to the first footgolf course in western Pennsylvania. Bowser says it takes half the space, and half the time of “small ball” golf.

“People are a lot busier. Everybody’s involved in everything, you know,” he said. “So they don’t have four, four and a half hours to play a round of golf. You can play 18 holes of this in two and a half hours.”

He also says he can put 18-foot golf holes into his nine-hole course.

Son-in-law Ricco Sosa digs a hole for a cup that…

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