#DIY: Budget Dog Interactive Toy

Here’s a fun, cheap way to keep your pup entertained.

Interactive toys serve to keep the dog busy and mind active, while us humans are busy or not in the house with them.

There are many popular interactive toys out there, but most are rather expensive and the ones that can truly keep the pups busy for a long time require kibbles – which we don’t give Cotton. Hence, after googling and getting inspiration from dog trainer, Kristin Crestejo, we made a DIY dog interactive toy, from materials that can be found in every household.

Material needed:

Tip: Cut the treats into very small pieces

1. Stuff one end of the toilet roll with toilet paper or scrap fabric


2. Add 1-2 treats then one thin layer of toilet paper, then continue until filled


3. Let your dog party with her new toy!


Precautions: Do not try this with a dog that has the tendency to eat toilet paper…

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