How to curb your dog’s enthusiasm with regular exercise

As most dog owners know, routine exercise is key in keeping a pup happy, healthy, and out of trouble. This goes double for dogs living in an apartment. Why? Because you and your dog live in much closer proximity to your neighbors, and you probably don’t have the luxury of a fenced in yard where Spot can run and play to his heart’s content. But these limitations don’t make dog ownership in an apartment impossible.

Dogs welcome at Alvern Gardens Apartments
Dogs 40 lbs and under are now welcome at Alvern Gardens Apartments in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. Plus, they have access to a dog park on the property.

A routine is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping a dog in line. As long as your dog knows when it’s time to eat, sleep, and play, it won’t act out and disrupt you or your neighbors. Your exercise routine is totally up to you and your dog. If your pup gets hyper in the evening, then take her out for at least half an hour to tire her out for bedtime. If you work all day and your dog is cooped up during that time, take her on a morning walk before you leave and she’ll nap while you’re gone.

When you don’t have your own yard, a dog park becomes an invaluable location for fun and play. Plenty of neighborhoods have dog parks, so look around and find one that suits your needs. As we noted in our post on dog park etiquette, it’s important to go to a park where you and your dog are comfortable. Luckily, many dog friendly apartment complexes feature dog parks as a convenient amenity. At Alvern Gardens Apartments, for example, dogs under 40 lbs. and their owners have access to a fenced in dog park complete with pet waste stations and seating for pet parents.

Are you a current resident of Alvern Gardens thinking about giving a dog a home? Contact the leasing office at 412-56-4663 for more information.

Are you looking for an apartment for you and your dog? Contact Alvern Gardens at or 412-561-4663 to find out our current availability.

Celebrate Fall in Pittsburgh

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in the Pittsburgh area, and there are plenty of festivals celebrating the season. Here are few to consider attending.

Historic Trax Farms

The 45th Annual Fall Festival starts this Saturday (Sept. 20th) at Trax Farms. The festival will run every weekend through October 26th and offers free admission. Once you’re there, it’ll cost some money for extra activities such as feeding the animals in the petting zoo (petting them is free), bounce house, rock wall, bungee jumper, the classic hayride to the 4 acre corn maze and pumpkin patch, plus much more. Dads: Steelers games are on air in the events room and all events are free for kids 2 and under.

Castle Shannon

The 3rd annual Castle Shannon Fall Festival starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow (Sept. 20) and goes until 3 p.m. on Willow Avenue between Park and Poplar, right down the street from Alvern Gardens Apartments, Place Seville, and Sleepy Hollow Townhouses and Apartments. The free event will feature live music, artisan crafts, activities for kids, local food, and more.

Soergel Orchards

Starting this weekend, Soergel Orchards is featuring several themed fall festivals:

Pittsburgh in Autumn
In addition to enjoying the gorgeous fall foliage that’s already starting to appear around the Pittsburgh area, there are plenty of autumn festivals around too.
By John [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Sept. 20-21 Fall Festival Kick-off Weekend
  • Sept. 27-28 Apple Cider Celebration
  • Oct. 4-5 Apple Blast Weekend
  • Oct. 11-12 Pumpkin-palooza
  • Oct. 18-19 Harvest Weekend
  • Oct. 25-26 Halloween Celebration

Simmons Farm

Want to beat the weekend crowds? Fall activities start tomorrow at Simmons Farm and are open seven days a week. The mazes, slides, petting zoo, and hayrides are available daily. On the weekends, there’s pumpkin carving, pony rides, fiddle playing, a butterfly house, and an apple sling shot.

Reilly’s Summer Seat Farm

The Harvest Festival of Fun will start in October and run 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every weekend that month. This one costs $7 per person, but the price of admission includes all the activities the farm has to offer. In addition to the classics of hayride to the pumpkin patch and a corn maze, there’s pony rides, the boo barn, face painting, scare crow making, pedal go carts, and even cow milking (plus more!).

Penn Brewery

Looking for an adults only fall festival? Consider attending Oktoberfest this weekend. The festivities begin at 5 p.m. tonight and continue until midnight. The festivities will go throughout this weekend and continue Sept. 26-28.  So what’s it all about? Beer, German food, and live music both indoors and outdoors. The featured musicians: Autobahn, Heimat Klang, Kevin Solecki, and Madel Jager.

Winter is around the corner: are you ready?

Mid-September might seem a bit early to discuss prepping for winter, but according to the Farmers’ Almanac, we’re in for a cold, snowy one as well as a white Thanksgiving. Here are some tips to help you get ready.

  • Take out window ac units. Lots of cold air seeps in around an ac, so remove it before it gets cold to cut back on energy costs. Plus, if you like a tidy home, time is running out to clean your windows inside and out, so why not tackle it all at once.

    Prep before snow falls on Pittsburgh
    Steel City will be covered in a blanket of white soon enough. Is your home ready?
  • Insulate windows. We’ve mentioned window insulating kits before as a means of saving energy, but it can’t be repeated enough that the cheap, easy to use kits are well worth it. Even if heat and other utilities are included in your rent, rising energy costs lead to rising rent, so it still pays to insulate.
  • Sweep out your garage. Those fallen leaves are accumulating and you  won’t want to deal with them once there’s snow on the ground. Remember to keep the door shut so animals looking for a cozy spot don’t get any ideas.
  • Rent a garage. For those of you who aren’t already taking advantage of covered parking opportunities, now is the time to look into it. You’ll be thankful come November that you’re not stuck outside scraping ice off the windshield.
  • Make any necessary calls to maintenance. You probably have a small thing or two that needs attention: a drain that’s not clogged but running slowly, a sticky door handle, or something else that isn’t an immediate concern. The sooner you call maintenance the better because with the first snow fall, even a robust crew will be busy.
  • Buy rock salt and a shovel. Even if you rent and don’t have to worry about clearing sidewalks or driveways, it’s smart to have a bag of rock salt in the trunk of your car in case you get stuck somewhere. And that shovel will come in handy if the plow piles snow against your car as it clears the road. (That garage sure is sounding nice, isn’t it?)

Fall is a nice time to move: beat the heat of summer AND the chill of winter. Contact Prudential Realty Company for our current availability.

Frisch’s: tasty food, quick service

It’s time for another look at good local eats: Frisch’s deli restaurant in Caste Village Shopping Center in Whitehall.

Located just a quick drive from several Prudential Realty communities, this family-owned restaurant offers some of Chi Quach’s (assistant property manager of Alvern Gardens Apartments) favorite lunch specials. According to Chi, Frisch’s has, “the best broasted chicken in Pittsburgh,” and he’s tried all of their delicious homemade soups. The soups, by the way, are also sold frozen by the quart, so you can take them home for later.

Frisch's serves good food fast
If you’re looking for a quick, simple meal, check out Frisch’s.
Photo By Michaela den (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
While their Reuben is nowhere near as big as the delectable monstrosity served at Bado’s, it’s a delicious and perfectly portioned meal. Their burgers aren’t fancy or overstuffed with gimmicks—they’re simple, backyard fare cooked to perfection and carefully assembled with all the classic fixin’s. Really, you can’t go wrong with any item on Frisch’s menu.

If you’re a lover of desserts, the chocolate mousse alone is worth a visit to Frisch’s. If you’re not already a chocoholic, you might become one after indulging in this gourmet-level decadence.

Is your mouth watering yet? In addition to the restaurant, Frisch’s also has a deli counter where you can buy bread, meats, etc. and make your own sandwiches with the finest ingredients at home… or you can order a hoagie to go, hire their catering, or take advantage of their new delivery service.

Frisch’s is the place to go for a good, simple meal served on the double. Skip the fast food chain and stop by Frisch’s instead.