:: 3 Quick Tips On Playing With Bright Colors ::

Looking for an apartment with a neutral pallet to put bright splashes of color into? Alvern Gardens apartments features light carpeting and off white walls.

Tuvalu Home

Tuesday Tips

bold blue accents on a white nuetral base in this cozy family roomLooking to bring a little more color into your home? Then check out these 3 quick tips on playing with color in your home!

1. Start with the neutral. 

If you want your bright decor to really stand out, use a neutral base to let it shine. Don’t create a competition between your decor. There only needs to be one star and that’s the bright color you choose to accent.

2. Be consistent.

Use the color in each space. There’s no need for every room to have large amounts of the color, but by dropping little splashes in each room can help carry the color palette throughout the home. It keeps the design consistent and flow through each room.

3. Mix it up.

Every hue is not created equal. And you can use this to your design advantage. Focus on your primary colors and use different shades to compliment them…

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