Kitten saved, finds new home

About a month ago, Chi, assistant property manager of Alvern Gardens Apartments, found a tiny kitten under his sister’s porch. He waited for hours but the mother never returned. Because he’s severely allergic, he scooped the grey fluff ball into a shoe box. His nieces and nephew took the kitten in for the night, keeping it in a car so that no raccoons or other animals could snatch it and to keep it safe from the family dog.

kitten saved
Pepsi was too busy exploring new territory to pose for a picture, but she managed to hold still for a second while attacking the hand monster, a favorite activity of hers.

The next morning they brought the kitten to a local animal shelter. The shelter had to regretfully turn it away because kittens must be at least 1 lb. and capable of eating on their own before they can be put in a kennel. So they brought the kitten to the Alvern Gardens leasing office in hopes that a kind soul there would take it in. Fitting into the palm of a hand, this kitten needed to be bottle fed special kitten formula every 6 hours. Dave, the maintenance supervisor, called his wife to see if she knew anyone who could take the kitten. Owning several large dogs and a few cats themselves, they had no time or space for such a small kitten. After his wife, he called Angie, the woman who cleans vacated apartments.

Angie walked into the leasing office, making a beeline for the kitten. She cradled the kitten in her hands and announced that she would name it Pepsi, after her favorite beverage. Just like that, a tiny life was saved and brought into a loving home. She was taken straight to the vet, and though her chances of survival were slim, she’s beaten the odds.

Pepsi is thriving. As she grows, it’s become clear that her fluff will eventually transform into luxurious long fur. With darker fur fading to light from her back down to her belly, Angie says she resembles a great white shark. “I call her the ferocious beast,” Angie said of her rambunctious new charge.

Looking for a place to raise a kitten of your own? Contact Alvern Gardens Apartments at or 412-561-4663 to inquire about their current availability.

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