7 tips to get your home ready for fall

Not all of these chores apply to rental properties, but some do (and renters can feel relieved about the things they get to leave to the landlord). It never hurts to make sure windows and doors are insulated (kits are cheap and a call to maintenance is free). Plus, that window ac needs to come out to avoid a draft. Besides, you won’t need it for a few months.

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TORONTO – Whether you’re ready for it or not, fall has arrived. As the days get shorter and the temperature more brisk, it’s time to put away the lawn furniture and get your house prepared for what’s in store over the next six months.

Here are some tips on things you should do now to help make your home more comfortable during fall (and winter). If you’re not comfortable handling any of these tasks yourself, hire a professional to ensure you don’t get hurt or cause unnecessary damage to your home.

1. Clean your eavestroughs and downspouts

Anyone who watches Mike Holmes knows that water is your home’s worst enemy. As leaves begin to fall they will undoubtedly fill your eavestroughs and downspouts, blocking water from making it off your roof and away from your house. While time-consuming, cleaning them out regularly until all the trees in your area are leaf-free is…

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