Pittsburgh Attracting More College Graduates

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CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — There was a time in Pittsburgh when young people moved out of the city, in droves.

Now though, it appears young people are staying put and more college grads are actually moving here from other places.

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It used to be that after graduation, Carnegie Mellon University students would fan out to either coast in pursuit of their careers.

But a new study shows that more and more homegrown graduates are staying put and New York transplants, like chemical engineering student Jonathan Goldman, are looking for jobs right here.

“If I can, I’d love to stay here rather than move to a big metropolitan area, like New York or one of the California-based areas,” said Goldman.

The report called the “Young and Restless and the Nation’s Cities” shows that Pittsburgh and other older industrial cities have become a magnet for young college graduates.

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