5 Ways To Stay Tick Free

Worried about tick prevention for your dog? Here are some tips!

Ticks are rather admirable creatures – they do what they are meant to do at the expense of everyone hating them… nope! Just kidding they aren’t, they are the epitome of disgustingness and if I had to deal with them again, it would be too darn soon.

A few weeks back, we brought Cotton to the fairly new Sembawang Dog Run to celebrate her first official year with us.


We have had brushes with ticks, but none attached, hence we always assumed that her shampoo with neem oil and the monthly Revolution preventive were doing the job of keeping the beasties away.

What we never would have thought of was that we would bring home close to 50 little devil spawns (seed ticks) back with us!! What a great birthday present to Mama Tan and Cotton, right? -.-


For those who have been fortunate enough to not know of seed…

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