City’s Older Buildings Being Transformed Into Artist Studios

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Has any city, anywhere, reinvented itself as relentlessly as Pittsburgh has?

Public and private concerns have made creative use of so many things that used to be other things:  Mill sites turned into shopping centers; industrial wastelands transformed into beautiful parks; old buildings —  like train stations and churches — reconfigured to house restaurants, breweries, and more.

And the trend keeps growing.

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Case in point: Etna. For decades, the Tippins Company produced steelmaking machinery there, helping forge Pittsburgh’s reputation as an industrial powerhouse. But, what goes on there these days is helping Pittsburgh forge a new reputation — as a creative, artistic powerhouse.

Tom Mosser is among dozens of artists who’ve set up studios in an old Tippins building.

“Art is work and it’s play, but it’s kind of cool to be in part of this big warehouse district,” says Mosser.

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