Consumer Reports: Top Stick Vacs

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Need a quick pick-me-up to keep your house looking nice for the holidays? Three new, lightweight stick vacuums from Shark and Dyson not only promise to do the trick but also claim to be as good or better than full-sized vacuums.

So Consumer Reports challenged them with the deep-cleaning test, where dirt is poured on and pressed in, a test normally reserved for full-sized vacuums. The stick vacs couldn’t keep up.

[worldnow id=10980607 width=345 height=255 type=video]

For deep-cleaning carpets, suction alone isn’t enough. A vacuum needs to have some weight and a powerful brush roll. Stick vacs are generally less than 10 pounds and just won’t do the job. But don’t count these new stick vacs out. When compared with others, they actually took the top three spots in Consumer Reports’ tests.

Number one is the Dyson DC 59 Animal. It does an excellent job on pet…

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