DIY: shadowbox out of a shoebox

We have a little something different this week: a DIY project! This might be just the thing if you’re still on the hunt for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift. Round up the kids, a shoe box, crafting supplies, and some small keepsakes to make a shadowbox for putting those keepsakes on display.

DIY shadowbox
If your shoe box is glossy or has a lot of stickers on it, you might want to cover it in paper before you paint it.

How you choose to decorate your shoe box depends on the supplies you have handy. If your kids are still pretty young, the easiest route is to cover the whole box in strips of construction paper. If your kids love to draw or paint,  let them at it. If your box has a lot of stickers on it or has a glossy finish, you’ll need to cover it in plain white paper before you paint or draw on it.

Once all the glue and paint has dried, your shadowbox will be ready for display. Hanging it up is easy. You can use small nails, Command Velcro strips, or even thumb tacks. (Just be sure to check with your landlord and use the hanging option they prefer to keep your security deposit safe.)

After hanging the box, fill it with those keepsakes you gathered. Just don’t put anything too heavy in it!

If your kids really loved the project, just give them more shoe boxes to transform. Over time, they could build a whole gallery wall.


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