Garden Expert Explains Importance Of USDA Plant Zone Guide

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA0 – The last two winters have been really hard on our plants and gardens, and the harsh cold has come as a shock to many of the items we like to have traditionally grown in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“We had so many nice mild winters that all those zone six plants and almost into zone seven plants were surviving,” says Doug Oster.

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Oster is the Back-Yard Gardener for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, has published numerous books on the topic, and is the co-host and producer of The Organic Gardener on KDKA Radio on Sunday mornings.

“Last year, after the Polar Vortex, when people called me and said their ivy was gone, I said, ‘It will come back. It will come back. It always does.’ But, a lot of it didn’t.” says Oster. “I think it’s just an anomaly over the last two seasons. I wouldn’t…

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