Gardening Expert Issues Warning About Downy Mildew

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you held off on planting for the summer last weekend because of the frost advisory, there’s something else you need to watch out for when you do plant.

Specifically, you’ll need to look out for a fungus with a fondness for a certain flower.

The battles of impatiens with downy mildew have received national attention for several years.

“We have had two bad seasons as far as wet and cold, and so wet and cold means fungal issues and downy impatien mildew is a fungal issue. So, we are not even sure we are going to get the disease. It depends on the weather,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette garden contributor Doug Oster said.

While many are just now planting the wildly popular shade-lover, it’s good to know nurseries in Florida are making great strides to ensure there are vibrant plants at your local garden center.

“One year, we…

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