45 Uses for Dryer Sheets


We stumbled across this article today on 45 ways to reuse dryer sheets. Because we like anything that saves money and gives new purpose to something that would otherwise land in the trash, we just had to share it.

Here are our personal highlights:

  • Cleaning bugs off your car with a wet dryer sheet is a much faster alternative to going through the car wash when all you need is that little touch-up.
  • Keeping bugs away while spending time outdoors is suddenly a lot easier and more pleasant. Goodbye stinky bug spray! And while we’re lining our pockets, we’re also going around our homes stashing dryer sheets under the mattress, under the couch cushions, and in other unobtrusive places in hopes that the creepy crawlies are kept at bay indoors too.
  • Getting deodorant marks off clothing is apparently made much easier with a wet dryer sheet, and we all know how stubborn those white marks are.
  • Reducing static in clothes and hair is one we’ve heard before, but it’s such a smart tip that it bears repeating. You can even wipe down your pit to reduce static in their fur.
  • Trapping and reducing tobacco smoke by exhaling into a dryer sheet is a brilliant way to keep your home smelling just a little fresher and a little less like smoke.
  • Removing soap scum and the ring around the toilet bowl is a hassle, but we can’t wait to try it with a dryer sheet.
  • Cleaning oven racks, irons, and scissors with a dryer sheets are probably some of the more far-fetched tips on this list, but it’s worth a try.
  • Wiping up dry spills like flour is easy with a dryer sheet because it traps small particles. Who knew!
  • Dusting, pet hair removal, and cleaning baseboards with a dryer sheet means you’re freshening your home at the same time you’re wiping up dust, debris, and pet hair.

Do you know any uses for dryer sheets that aren’t listed in the linked article? Share your tips below!

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