Scary-Looking Insect Invades Area, But Don’t Call Them Ticks

Good news! Weevils are harmless and the swarms we’re seeing of them now will dissipate soon.

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Those plump, round insects seem to be everywhere these days. They’re called billbugs, beetles, and weevils. But don’t call them ticks, because they’re not.

“The deer tick is flat as a pancake, and its legs are all splayed out,” says Allegheny County Health Department entomologist Bill Todaro. “The stage of tick that’s out now is a speck. It’s the size of a period at the end of a printed sentence.”

The billbug’s larvae, or caterpillar stage is what turns certain grasses brown as they feed on the shafts.

“We just had a good year for them, it’s been a wet, a good spring, environmental conditions have been good for them, and we have a bumper crop,” Todaro explains.

But it’s the flying, crawling adults everyone notices.

The adults are gray to brown to almost black with pits on their backs. They become active in the spring when…

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