Healthy pet, happy home: flea treatment

Even if your pet never sets paw outdoors, it’s important to keep flea and tick medication up to date, just in case.


keeping flea and tick medication up to date
Keeping flea and tick medication up to date is especially important in a multi-pet home.
  1. No matter how vigilant you are, your pet could get out. If they get out, you’ll be relieved that at least they’re micro chipped, vaccinated, wearing their tags, and safe from flea and tick bites while you search the neighborhood.
  2. Fleas can hitch a ride on clothing, so if you visit a friend with pets, or a friend with pets visits you, your pets could get their fleas.
  3. A tick bite can transmit Lyme disease to you or your pet and requires antibiotics for treatment.
  4. Fleas can cause an allergic reaction that will lead to giving it a whole lot of money for allergy medicine, special shampoo, numerous trips to the vet, even steroid shots.
  5. Preventing fleas is a whole lot cheaper and easier than getting rid of an infestation. If you rent, your lease might entitle you to free extermination, but that might not apply to a flea infestation if you have a pet. If you own your home, you’re guaranteed a high bill from the exterminator, because fleas can lay their eggs in carpet.

Besides, for you renters out there, if you read the fine—or not so fine—print regarding pets kept in your rental, you might find that your landlord requires your pet’s flea and tick medication to be up to date.

Consider also that in a multi-pet home, your cat stay indoors, but your dog goes out. Both of them need to be treated to prevent fleas and ticks, not just your dog, because the fleas could hitch a ride on you or your dog and make themselves at home on your untreated cat.

While high quality flea and tick medication is expensive, you get what you pay for. Cheaper products often don’t last as long, and many off brands have gotten in trouble for causing epileptic seizures. So buy what your vet recommends, but shop around for a good price. 1-800 Pet Meds often has coupons, and many specialty pet stores such as Pet Supplies Plus and Petco sell the good stuff over the counter.

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