Top 5: restaurants in Pittsburgh (right now)

We’re not entirely comfortable with providing this list as our end all, be all Top 5, but right now, these are our favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh.

  1. Shiloh Grill is our newest favorite. The menu is a punny smorgasbord of pop culture references, the servers are friendly, and the food is delicious. Plus, Tuesday night is bacon night!
  2. Someone Else’s Bar has the friendly, laid back atmosphere you’d expect from a dive frequented exclusively by locals, their burgers and homemade chips are the best in Pittsburgh (at least as far as we’re concerned), and every table comes with a few jars of candy for the kids (and sweet-toothed adults).
  3. Blue Line Grille makes the list on the merit of its grilled cheese alone, but the rest of the food is really good too. But be warned: this hockey themed restaurant/bar is right across from Console Energy Center, so it gets pretty crazy during Penguins games.
  4. The Dor-Stop is our favorite place for breakfast and brunch. Everything on the menu is delicious, and it’s the homey kind of place where you’re treated like family even if it’s your first time through the door. Plus, it’s a Guy Fieri Triple D Hotspot.
  5. The Grandview Saloon offers an unusual mix: a million dollar view and a reasonably priced menu. That’s why we love it, you can feel like a rock star feasting your eyes on the iconic view from the top of Mt. Washington while also feasting on tasty grub. Plus, check out their homemade chips: they taste like the ones at Someone Else’s Bar, but they’re waffle sliced!

Stay tuned for an update on this list in the near future.

Who serves the best grilled cheese in Pittsburgh?

Chi’s (assistant property manager of Alvern Gardens Apartments) talk of restaurants in the South Hills has inspired us to compile a countdown of the 3 best grilled cheese sandwiches in Pittsburgh. Why grilled cheese sandwiches? Why not? They’re deliciously simple and yet easy to amp up with extras. From extra cheese to extra toppings, here’s our ranking:

the best grilled cheese in Pittsburgh
These sandwiches ain’t yo mama’s grilled cheese, but they definitely call up that warm, fuzzy, comfort food feeling.

3. Touted by Chi as great place to hang with friends, Cain’s Saloon serves a “deluxe” grilled cheese featuring tomato, a fried egg, and bacon. The sandwich normally comes with traditional American cheese, but the menu recommends trying it with pepper jack (we stuck with the traditional). Who doesn’t love a fried egg and bacon on their sandwich? Unfortunately for Cain’s take on the classic, the Italian bread it’s served on makes for a bulky sandwich that’s a little hard to eat for anyone who doesn’t have the unthinkable jaws of a snake.

2. Cafe io’s grilled cheese is a little more grown up: cheddar and Gorgonzola come standard, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can add tomato and/or pickles. For a few dollars more, your sandwich gets a fried egg and/or bacon. This build-your-own concept is fun, but for the purpose of the countdown we taste-tested just the standard sandwich (on wheat rather than white). The amount of cheese was perfect, and the ration of cheddar to Gorgonzola was just right. On top of it, the sandwich was grilled to perfection. With all the fixin’s, it might have claimed the top spot, but the standard is just the PG-13 version of a childhood favorite.

1. For a rated R grilled cheese experience, go to the Blue Line Grille and order their “adulterated” grilled cheese. This one comes with cheddar, Gorgonzola, and Swiss and is topped off with bacon onion jam. What is bacon onion jam? Delicious. It’s caramelized onions mixed with pieces of bacon (real pieces of bacon, not bacon bits). That, combined with the mix of cheeses makes for a grilled cheese of complex, elegantly balanced flavors. This sandwich wins because it’s a true culinary experiences.

Bonus Round: At PNC Park, you can order a 9 cheese grilled cheese sandwich, aptly named “The Closer.” It’s served on 4 slices of sour dough and comes with bacon and all kinds of other goodies. We didn’t get a chance to to try it for this countdown, but our research suggests it might be the real #1 grilled cheese in Pittsburgh.

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