45 Uses for Dryer Sheets


We stumbled across this article today on 45 ways to reuse dryer sheets. Because we like anything that saves money and gives new purpose to something that would otherwise land in the trash, we just had to share it.

Here are our personal highlights:

  • Cleaning bugs off your car with a wet dryer sheet is a much faster alternative to going through the car wash when all you need is that little touch-up.
  • Keeping bugs away while spending time outdoors is suddenly a lot easier and more pleasant. Goodbye stinky bug spray! And while we’re lining our pockets, we’re also going around our homes stashing dryer sheets under the mattress, under the couch cushions, and in other unobtrusive places in hopes that the creepy crawlies are kept at bay indoors too.
  • Getting deodorant marks off clothing is apparently made much easier with a wet dryer sheet, and we all know how stubborn those white marks are.
  • Reducing static in clothes and hair is one we’ve heard before, but it’s such a smart tip that it bears repeating. You can even wipe down your pit to reduce static in their fur.
  • Trapping and reducing tobacco smoke by exhaling into a dryer sheet is a brilliant way to keep your home smelling just a little fresher and a little less like smoke.
  • Removing soap scum and the ring around the toilet bowl is a hassle, but we can’t wait to try it with a dryer sheet.
  • Cleaning oven racks, irons, and scissors with a dryer sheets are probably some of the more far-fetched tips on this list, but it’s worth a try.
  • Wiping up dry spills like flour is easy with a dryer sheet because it traps small particles. Who knew!
  • Dusting, pet hair removal, and cleaning baseboards with a dryer sheet means you’re freshening your home at the same time you’re wiping up dust, debris, and pet hair.

Do you know any uses for dryer sheets that aren’t listed in the linked article? Share your tips below!

Dog friendly apartments in Pittsburgh

Dog owners looking for a pet friendly apartment in Pittsburgh will be happy to know that dogs are now welcome at another Prudential Realty Community: Alvern Gardens Apartments in Castle Shannon.

Certain areas in the Alvern Gardens complex are opening their doors and ample green spaces to dogs 40 lbs and smaller. There are no breed restrictions (other than the limitation that the breed cannot exceed 40 lbs maximum size). Mixed breeds are also welcome as long as they are 40 lbs or smaller.

Dogs welcome at Alvern Gardens Apartments
Dogs 40 lbs and under are now welcome at Alvern Gardens Apartments in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

Owners must provide paperwork from the vet indicating that the dog is spayed/neutered and all its vaccinations are up-to-date. The dog must also be properly licensed and wear its license at all times. Owners must also provide proof of liability insurance covering any injuries or damages that might be caused by the dog.

Residents are allowed to have up to 2 pets in their apartment: up to 2 cats or 1 cat and 1 dog. Only 1 dog is allowed per apartment.

The cost of keeping a pet at Alvern Gardens is more affordable than at many other apartment communities. The security deposit is $200 per pet, and the monthly fees are as follows: $15 per cat, $30 for a dog, and $45 for 1 cat and 1 dog.

Here are some of the additional guidelines of keeping a pet at Alvern Gardens:

  • Flea and tick medication must be kept up-to-date
  • Animals must be in a cage or on a leash and attended at all times that they are outside the owner’s apartment (in hallways, outside on the property)
  • Animals are not allowed in common areas of the building (laundry rooms and other basement spaces)
  • Owners must promptly clean up all their animal’s waste

Alvern Gardens is close to South Park, where there are walking trails as well as a dog park for pups (and their parents) to get their exercise.

Anyone interested in renting a dog friendly apartment in the South Hills of Pittsburgh may contact Alvern Gardens at alverngardens@yahoo.com or 412-561-4663.

Short-term housing for interns in Pittsburgh, PA

Located just south of Pittsburgh in Castle Shannon, PA, Alvern Gardens Apartments is offering short-term housing for summer  interns in 2014.

Those with verifiable internships in the Pittsburgh area who need a minimum 4 month lease for the duration of their internship need look no further than Alvern Gardens Apartments. The affordable yet spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are ideal for summer interns looking for a short-term lease.

Commuting downtown is a cinch: Alvern Gardens is just a short walk from St. Anne’s T (Pittsburgh’s light rail system) stop.

Interns can chill by the pool in their downtime, or ride the T downtown for fun in the city’s Cultural District, Point State Park, and Market Square. The T also goes to nearby shopping areas, like South Hills Village Mall.

Point State Park is one of many Pittsburgh locations accessible from Alvern Gardens Apartments via the T.

There’s plenty of free parking, so bringing a car to the city is no trouble at all. Shopping and restaurants are just a quick drive away. Nature or golf lovers can take advantage of South Park, right down the road.

The convenient on-site laundry facilities and extra storage will make for a hassle-free summer.

Interns looking for short-term housing in the Pittsburgh area are welcome to contact the leasing office at 412-561-4663 or alverngardens@yahoo.com for more information and to schedule a tour.

Alvern Gardens, A Prudential Realty Community

Alvern Gardens, A Prudential Realty Community

Welcome to Alvern Gardens, a garden style community in Castle Shannon, just south of Pittsburgh. We offer apartments from efficiencies to 3 bedrooms, from $555 to $780 plus electric.

Our location

Alvern Gardens is nestled in the suburban South Hills of Pittsburgh. The borough of Castle Shannon has that small-town feel just south of the bustling city.

Vermont Avenue and Greenridge Road are quiet residential streets just minutes from shopping and restaurants.

Our amenities

Laundry facilities and storage lockers are in the basements of each of our buildings, and in the summers our pool offers tenants a refreshing weekend getaway.

Our 24 hour emergency maintenance is always available, and our grounds are kept clean and well groomed through all seasons. The parking is free, but we also rent garages at $50 per month.

Our surroundings

Hop on the T (Pittsburgh’s light rail system) at St. Anne’s just a block off the property and be downtown in 20 minutes, or ride in the opposite direction for shopping and movies at South Hills Village Mall. A quick drive will also take you to any number of stores and shopping centers, as well as South Park, where you can soak in the greenery, play a round of golf, or go ice skating in the winter.

Contact us to schedule a tour